How Does PDF-Mapper Differ from EDI?


PDF-Mapper is an alternative to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions. The advantages of EDI are retained and additional benefits are added.

EDI is an interface for digital data exchange between two companies. Data is sent back and forth between the two companies in a structured form. As a result, data entry is 100% automatic and error-free, even if the data is voluminous. However, EDI is costly, time-consuming, and requires the cooperation of customers and suppliers. Therefore, most companies use EDI only for a few large customers or suppliers.

PDF-Mapper is easy to implement for a large number of customers and suppliers and does not require cooperation from these companies. This is because customers and suppliers simply send their documents as PDF (or by paper). PDF-Mapper then puts the data into structured form and passes it to the ERP system through a single interface. The EDI benefits of 100% automatic data capture and 100% accuracy is also easily realized via this process, even with large data.

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