PDF Check

Can Your Inbound PDF Documents Be Read Digitally?

With the PDF Check You Can:

  • Check PDF documents for digital readability
  • Instantly see the result of the analysis
  • Get feedback on whether OCR text recognition might be necessary as a process step before PDF-Mapper
PDF-Mapper can only read and process inbound PDF documents fully automatically if these PDF documents are digitally readable, i.e. the texts are recognizable by a computer. This is not the case, for example, if a PDF consists of image files.

If you are not sure whether your inbound PDF documents are digitally readable, the PDF Check can help you: Upload a PDF document and get the analysis result immediately.

If the result is green, the PDF document can be read out digitally without any problems and processed automatically with the PDF-Mapper. If the result is red, you can either ask your partners to send digitally readable PDF documents or use OCR text recognition to make the PDF documents digitally readable. You can learn more about this here.

PDF Check

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