How Do PDF-Mapper Starter, Business, and Enterprise Differ?


Starter, Business, and Enterprise are the three available plans of the PDF Mapper software.

PDF-Mapper Starter is a feature-reduced, free version of PDF-Mapper that can export PDF data to Excel automatically and in a structured format. PDF data is automatically structured into tables per layout and output as an Excel file. PDF-Mapper Starter automatically maps the PDF documents and saves the mappings per layout for faster processing of further PDF documents of the same layout.

PDF-Mapper Business and Enterprise include licenses for the full version of PDF-Mapper and are aimed at companies that want to capture PDFs fully automatically and without errors. Both packages include all the features of PDF-Mapper and differ only in the number of PDF layouts that can be processed automatically with PDF-Mapper. PDF-Mapper Business can process 1 to 25 PDF layouts, while PDF-Mapper Enterprise starts at 50 PDF layouts. An upgrade from PDF-Mapper Business to Enterprise or from one license step to another (e.g. from 10 layouts to 25 layouts) within both plans is possible at any time.

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