Extensions in PDF Mapper v1.8.2

The new version 1.8.2 of the PDF-Mapper is now available for download! Of course, our PDF-Mapper customers will automatically receive the new update after publication.

The latest update of the PDF-Mapper offers, among other things, an AI-supported assistant for area assignment, functions for specifying the assignment rules in area and field assignment, and a visual check option for area assignment.
In this article we give a brief overview of the most important innovations, some of which can also be seen in the video:

1. Area Assignment Wizard

The Area Assignment Wizard is AI-powered and allows you to get suggestions for configuring area assignment mapping. These suggestions can be viewed, changed and adopted instead of manual assignment. This can reduce the effort required to create the configuration.

2. Check area assignment

The “Check area assignment” function can be used to visually check the area assignment settings.

The view shows the test results in the document for the various assignments. A green dot shows a positive test result, a red dot marks assignments that should be checked. A detailed display can be opened for the individual test results. It shows the (regular) expression used for the assignment and a list of the texts corresponding to this expression in the document. When you move the mouse over this list, the text found in the document is highlighted in color on the left.

3. Clarification of mapping rules via regular expressions

To make it easier to specify assignment rules that are as precise as possible, there is the “Automatically specify fixed identifiers (-P:)” function in the toolbar above the document view. Using the function searches all existing mappings in the document – without already specifying a mapping rule (-P:) – and automatically creates the most accurate mapping rules possible. In the figure, the assignment rule “-P:^Quantity$” is created for the text “Quantity”, i.e. the text may only contain the word “Quantity” (any existing special characters for regular expressions are automatically prefixed with a \ as literal and not replaced as a metacharacter).

The function “Remove automatic identifier clarifications (-P:)” again removes all automatically created mapping rules.

The function is available in the area and field assignment.

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The new version 1.8.1 of the PDF-Mapper is now available for download! Of course, our PDF-Mapper customers will automatically receive the new update after publication.

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The new version 1.8.0 of PDF-Mapper is now available for download! Our PDF-Mapper customers receive the new version automatically after publication.

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