Can PDF-Mapper Fetch and Send Emails with Microsoft Exchange?


Microsoft Exchange is a groupware solution with mail server functionality. PDF-Mapper has an e-mail client, but no Exchange groupware client.

PDF-Mapper can fetch emails via IMAP/IMAPS/POP3/POP3S and send e.g. validation e-mails via SMTP/SMTPS. But for this purpose, the Exchange server must allow the specified protocols, e.g. by using app passwords.

Connecting to the mail server with OAuth2 is not possible because the Exchange groupware OAuth2 functionality is not supported by the Java mail libraries used. In addition, the configuration of the Exchange solutions is in part so different that from our point of view, the connection cannot be realized at the moment by a standardized and platform-independent PDF-Mapper Exchange Groupware client.

From our point of view, you have the following possibilities to use PDF-Mapper with the Exchange mail server:

  1. IMAP/IMAPS/POP3/POP3S or SMTP/SMTPS must be allowed e.g. via app passwords in Exchange.
  2. The email attachments are retrieved automatically via an Outlook client process and stored in the PDF-Mapper transfer directory (no mail sending possible).
  3. The email attachments are read with Powershell (and e.g. Outlook DLLs or EWS) and stored in the PDF-Mapper transfer directory (no mail sending possible).
  4. Incoming emails for PDF-Mapper in the public Exchange environment are automatically forwarded to a non-public mail account on a “normal” mail server. There the mails are then picked up by PDF-Mapper and emails are also sent via this account.

From our point of view, variants 1 and 4 are the easiest to implement.

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