The First Software to Automate PDF Data Entry with 100 % Accuracy

Lightning-Fast Document Processing

Instead of manually typing in orders or invoices, with PDF-Mapper data entry happens all-automatic and lightning-fast – quite magically.

100 % Accuracy Guaranteed

PDF-Mapper is a tool designed to be 100 % accurate – reliably capturing and processing all the required data for every PDF document.

Get Your Data Straight

With its Automatic Validation, PDF-Mapper alerts you if there are errors in inbound orders & invoices – before feeding the data to your system.

Accelerate Your Productivity

Businesses that use PDF-Mapper pursuit excellence in their order & invoice process – and push their productivity to the limit.

All Data Straight into the System

PDF-Mapper makes integration to every recurring customer and supplier simple – by optimizing your PDF data entry process.

On the Safe Side

Your data is kept in your hands – as an on-premise solution, PDF-Mapper is installed locally and securely at your site.


Process Automations:

PDF Orders

Process incoming PDF orders fully automatically and speed up your order processing with PDF-Mapper.

PDF Invoices

Automatically and reliably capture your invoices and minimize your accounting errors and costs.

PDF Order Confirmations

Enter your order confirmations automatically into the system and benefit from the time savings.

PDF Delivery Notes

Automate your goods receipt and simplify your quality management by processing documents with PDF-Mapper.

PDF Payment Advices

Capture payment advices with PDF-Mapper to automate your incoming payments and minimize payment errors.

PDF Price Agreements

Capture all price agreements with any number of items automatically with the PDF-Mapper.

Other PDF Documents

Contact us if you want to process other PDF business documents automatically.


Extensive Features:

Automatic Input

Incoming PDF documents are automatically picked up by the PDF-Mapper via an e-mail inbox or import folder.

Automatic Partner Identification

The PDF-Mapper automatically and reliably detects which customer or supplier has sent a PDF document.

Automatic Data Extraction

The required data of all PDF documents is automatically identified, extracted and processed.

Automatic Data Preparation

The PDF-Mapper cleans, modifies and prepares the data as you need it in your ERP system – also completely automated.

Automatic Validation

Before the data is transferred to your ERP system, PDF-Mapper automatically checks that all the required data is correct and notifies you immediately of any errors.

Flexible ERP Integration

The data is automatically transferred to the correct interface in your ERP system. This process can be adapted flexibly to your system.

Fast Implementation

The implementation of the process automations with the PDF-Mapper is easily and quickly realized within 1 day to 1 week.

Software that Matches Your Data Entry Processes.

Industry-Leading Companies Trust PDF-Mapper:

Effects in Figures:


Savings per 1.000 Documents/Customer/Year


Total Order Processing Speed


Accuracy in Data Entry

The Best Alternative in B2B Document Processing

Manual data entry is costly, tedious and error-prone. PDF-Mapper is the most cost-effective, easy and error-free solution to automize your order & invoice entry process for all of your recurring customers & suppliers.

OCR/AI Solutions

OCR and AI based solutions usually lack accuracy and require manual verification.

– Automatic Data Entry

– Usually < 95% Accuracy

– Simple Data Extraction

EDI Integration

EDI integrates data directly into your system, but is costly to implement for every customer & supplier – and often is not possible at all.

– 100% Automatic Data Entry

– 100% Accuracy

– Comprehensive Data Extraction

– Costly Integration


PDF-Mapper 100 % automizes your data entry process with flawless accuracy and easy integration.

– 100% Automatic Data Entry

– 100% Accuracy

– Comprehensive Data Extraction

– Cost-Effective, Fast & Simple Single-Sided Integration (PDF to EDI/XML or Similar)

– Automatic Validation

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