How Can Paper and Fax Documents Be Processed with PDF-Mapper?


When sending documents by fax or mail, data is lost compared to sending PDF files electronically. This data is essential for data processing with PDF-Mapper. Therefore, it is best to receive documents from your customers and suppliers directly as PDF documents via email. But no need to panic: You can also make fax/paper documents digitally readable again.

If you have customers or suppliers who cannot send you documents digitally, the paper documents must be digitized before they are passed to PDF-Mapper:

  1. Paper documents must be captured with a very good scanner. It is important to create only one PDF file per document. The scans should be straight and not skewed. For faxed PDF documents, this step can be skipped.
  2. Create a digitally readable PDF document with OCR: To do this, you must also use appropriate OCR software, such as Abbyy Finereader. The PDF files created in step 1 are transferred to the OCR software – typically to an input directory (“hot folder”). The software takes over the recognition and pushes the digitally readable PDFs into an output folder. This output folder is ideally the input directory of PDF-Mapper.
  3. PDF-Mapper then takes over the further processing – just as it does with PDF documents that were sent directly digitally by e-mail.

Please note that the results based on OCR PDF documents are not 100% accurate as when reading digitally generated PDF documents.

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