How Can I Implement PDF-Mapper?


PDF-Mapper can be downloaded from our website. To do so, please first register on our website, then download PDF-Mapper from the download center and follow the installation instructions. You can either test PDF-Mapper for free or purchase one of our licenses. In both cases, please request the appropriate license from the PDF-Mapper application, which you will receive shortly thereafter.

In order for PDF-Mapper to process your incoming PDF documents fully automatically, the one-time Layout Mappings per PDF layout and the one-time Inhouse Mapping for the integration of the data into your ERP system are required. You can perform these mappings yourself using the intuitive tools of PDF-Mapper or have us perform them as part of our Quickstart service.

After the one-time setup of the mappings, document processing works fully automatically in the background. You work as usual with the data in your ERP system, but save yourself the trouble of manual data entry.

More Information:

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