Improvements in Version 1.8.3

The following changes are part of PDF-Mapper version 1.8.3:

New function blocks:

  • Convert date in text to ISO date
  • Convert calendar week to ISO date
  • Convert date or calendar week to text to ISO
  • Replace text parts with regular expression
  • Determine decimal number from text

A detailed description of the function blocks can be found in the PDF-Mapper help – Description of the function blocks.

Improvements in Version 1.8.2

The following changes are part of PDF-Mapper version 1.8.2:

  • Area mapping
    • Toolbar: Automatically specify anchor texts (-P:) and the associated UnDo function.
    • AI-powered area assignment wizard determines suggestions for configuring area assignment
  • Check Area Assignment
  • Field mapping
    • Toolbar: Automatically specify anchor texts (-P:) and the associated UnDo function.
  • PreProcessingRoute after common input
  • Fix for group.xq: Header table end set from default 0.0 to 999999990.0 – allows reading header tables without end identifier

Improvements in Version 1.8.1

The following changes are part of PDF-Mapper version 1.8.1:

  • Partner identification expanded by setting: Use texts in the PDF (standard setting, as before) or individual text lines (simple reading of content without position information).
  • Added module for preprocessing, which allows for preprocessing steps like text grouping, page filter or text filter.
  • The validation view shows a symbol with the validation result for the entire document, so there is no need to scroll to check the result in larger documents:
    • no validation errors: green check icon
    • with validation errors: red warning icon
  • Fix for validation rule from \d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2} to ^\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}$.

Improvements in Version 1.8.0

  • Document types in the data structures extended to
    • Request for quotation (M_REQOTE),
    • Offer/quotation (M_QUOTES),
    • Purchase order (M_ORDERS),
    • Order response/order confirmation (M_ORDRSP),
    • Despatch advice/delivery bill (M_DESADV),
    • Invoice/credit note (M_INVOIC) and
    • Payment advice (M_RECADV).
      A selection of the used document types is possible.
  • Existing document types order (M_ORDERS) and invoice (M_INVOIC) have been extended by additional fields.
  • Administrator can remove unused data elements for field mapping in configuration to make it easier for users to use.
  • Plugins have been added
  • Function blocks can be displayed as grouped in user interface.
  • XML mapping: Filter for displaying all XML elements or only the mapped XML elements. Effect on data display and function view.
  • Tables header/footer and sub-tables in position extended in function range like main table.
  • Validation e-mail dispatch: addition of StartTLS
  • New switch -L: in connection with -S:+gl{m}, -S:-gl{m}, -S:+gr{m}, -S:-gr{m}
  • License check reduced to MAC address to bypass sporadic Windows mapping changes of network interface names to MAC addresses.
  • Access to web user interface restrictable
  • Adjustments:
    • Validation email: Fixed error in employee assignment when list is empty
    • Automatic URL encoding of special characters e.g. for passwords added.
    • Function block “Value assignment from key list” (getValue4KeyList) with “List entry for key” “contains” corrected.
    • Google fonts included locally, no longer loaded via CDN.
    • Switch -S: regular expression for parameter detection corrected
    • Validation: XSLT processing “reset” now works.
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