PDF Price Agreement Entry Automation

PDF Price Agreements Instantly in ERP System

Incoming PDF price agreements are automatically read, analyzed and entered into your ERP system in seconds. The PDF price agreement is automatically assigned to the appropriate customer and all data on the PDF is automatically and 100% correctly identified. Additionally PDF-Mapper automatically validates your price agreements and notifies you if there is false or missing data. If the validation is positive, the data is then automatically imported into your ERP system where it can be further processed.

How PDF-Mapper Customers Benefit from Automated Price Agreement Entry:

More Efficient Sales Processes

Optimize your sales processes with PDF-Mapper: PDF price agreements of your customers can be checked immediately, price differences can be detected immediately and your employees can focus on their other activities.

Huge Reduction in Manual Effort

PDF-Mapper customers can automatically extract PDF price agreements with several hundred pages – saving them the Sisyphean task of manual data entry!

Faster Detection of Price Differences

What takes several hours of tedious work by hand can be done in seconds with PDF-Mapper: The data of your inbound PDF price agreements immediately arrive in your ERP system with 100% accuracy. This allows you to identify deviating prices on the spot.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Impress with optimized processes: PDF-Mapper customers save enormous time in data entry and can speed up all other processes. Your customers will notice that, too!

Relieved Employees

Put an end to manual data entry! Free up your employees with the PDF-Mapper. Assign your employees to more productive tasks instead.

All Recurring Customers Connected

Without your customers having to change anything, optimize the electronic exchange of your business documents via PDF. Similar to laborious EDI, you will instantly and 100 % reliably find all the data of your inbound PDF price agreements in your system.

The Best Alternative

Whether you enter your PDF price agreements manually, use OCR/AI based software or EDI integrations, PDF-Mapper is the innovative alternative. Manual data entry is time-consuming, OCR/AI solutions are error-prone, and EDI integrations are very costly. PDF-Mapper takes over your data entry efforts, works 100% accurately and integrates your PDF price agreements cost-efficiently and without your customers having to change anything.

computer-keyboard-wired_ergebnis_ergebnis_ergebnisNo More Typing of Price Agreementsbarcode-scan_ergebnis_ergebnis_ergebnis-1No More Editing of OCR/AI Captured Price Agreementssettings-line_ergebnis_ergebnis_ergebnis-1No More Complex EDI Integrations

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