PDF Invoice Entry Automation

PDF Invoices Instantly in ERP System

Incoming PDF invoices are automatically read, analyzed and entered into your ERP system in seconds. The PDF invoice is automatically assigned to the appropriate supplier and all data on the PDF is automatically and 100% correctly identified. Additionally PDF-Mapper automatically validates your invoices and notifies you if there is false or missing data. If the validation is positive, the data is then automatically imported into your ERP system where it can be further processed.

How PDF-Mapper Customers Benefit from Automated Invoice Entry:


Automated Accounts Payable

With PDF-Mapper, you no longer need to manually enter incoming PDF invoices. You will find the invoices within seconds of their arrival in your ERP system – 100% accurate and error-free. Relieve the workload of your accounting staff!


Fewer Accounting Errors

Reduce payment errors in your accounting department with PDF-Mapper. With 100% accurate PDF data capture, you minimize errors that can happen when typing invoices. Automatic validation alerts you to incorrect information and missing invoice data.


Efficient Invoice Verification and Account Assignment

Benefit from faster and easier verification of your incoming invoices. Precise and automatic capture allows you to immediately match invoice data with order data – even automatically, depending on your ERP system.


Higher Supplier Satisfaction

Increase the satisfaction of your suppliers with your efficiency. Through automatic and error-free invoice entry, you create smooth processes – this is also appreciated by your partners.


Improved Payment Terms

Due to the increased reliability in accounting, PDF-Mapper customers often achieve better payment terms with their suppliers.


All Recurring Suppliers Connected

Automated invoice processing with PDF-Mapper integrates all the data your suppliers send via PDF – without you having to build expensive EDI integrations. Turn your accounting into a powerhouse of efficiency!

The Best Alternative

Whether you enter your PDF invoices manually, use OCR/AI based software or EDI integrations, PDF-Mapper is the innovative alternative. Manual data entry is time-consuming, OCR/AI solutions are error-prone, and EDI integrations are very costly. PDF-Mapper takes over your data entry efforts, works 100% accurately and integrates your PDF invoices cost-efficiently and without your suppliers having to change anything.

computer-keyboard-wired_ergebnis_ergebnis-1No More Typing of Invoicesbarcode-scan_ergebnis_ergebnisNo More Editing of OCR/AI Captured Invoicessettings-line_ergebnis_ergebnisNo More Complex EDI Integrations

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