Feature Overview

All Features for Automated PDF Data Capture – Adjusted to Your Individual Process:


PDF documents are automatically imported into PDF-Mapper.

Partner Identification

PDF-Mapper automatically detects the sender of the PDF document.

Data Extraction

All required data is automatically detected and extracted from the PDF document.

Data Preparation

The data is automatically prepared and processed as you need it in your ERP system.


PDF-Mapper automatically checks if any data on the PDF document is missing or incorrect.

ERP Integration

The PDF document data is automatically transferred from the PDF-Mapper to your ERP system.

Automatic Input

PDF-Mapper can collect all inbound PDF documents and import them automatically. For this purpose, an e-mail mailbox can be defined from which the PDF documents are picked up. Alternatively, PDF documents can also be imported automatically via the PDF Mapper’s import folder.

Collection takes place as soon as a document is received, making the process of data capture as time-efficient as possible.

Automatic Input via EmailAutomatic Input via Import Folderdocument-import_ergebnisCombination of Input Options

Automatic Partner Identification

PDF-Mapper automatically recognizes the customer or supplier that sent the PDF document. This automatic partner identification is defined once by you and can be done e.g. via a tax ID, e-mail domain or the company name of your partner.

This ensures that the data from the PDF document is assigned to the correct customer or supplier when imported into your ERP system.

contact-book-line_ergebnisAutomatic Partner Identificationbarcode-scan_ergebnisAccurate Partner Allocation via ERP IDTransfer Partner Master Data

Automatic Data Extraction

The data on the PDF document is automatically captured, extracted, and processed. Define the required data once. PDF-Mapper will intelligently find this data for each subsequent document. No matter how complex the document is, no matter how many pages or item positions, no matter what language or layout – the PDF-Mapper captures all data.

circle-center_new100 % Data Mapping AccuracyMultipage DocumentsInternational / Multilingual Documents
100 % Captured Item PositionsEasy-to-Use InterfaceSimple Mapping in Browser

Automatic Data Preparation According to Your Needs

PDF-Mapper can automatically prepare, adjust and even add to the captured data. No matter whether the date format has to be changed, address data has to be split or matching client item numbers have to be added – whatever an employee has to manually do today can be fully automated with PDF-Mapper.

Perfectly Customizable to Your NeedsUser-Friendly Function BlocksManually Customizable XSLT Processing

Automatic Validation

PDF-Mapper can automatically validate PDF documents by checking for errors and missing data. This way you can ensure that only documents with all necessary data are transferred to your ERP system. The data can also be checked against external lists, e.g. for valid article numbers. PDF documents that do not fulfill the validation rules can either be corrected in PDF-Mapper or in a output directory.

Automatic ValidationMinimize Errors in Data EntryEasily Correct Data

Flexible Integration into Your ERP System

PDF-Mapper can export the captured data to any ERP system. No matter what format you need, the PDF-Mapper can generate it. To do this, the data is first converted into a neutral XML format, which can then be formatted to fit your ERP interface. This way, the data of your PDF documents automatically gets to the right place where you need it in seconds.

Automatic Import into ERP SystemPerfectly Customizable to Your NeedsAutomatic Partner Allocation

Fast Implementation

To make your processes run smoothly automatically, all you need to do is set up the software and the individual document processes once. PDF-Mapper then works fully automatically in the background. You extract the data of the incoming PDF documents and have it instantly available in the right place in your ERP system.

lock-line_ergebnisSecure through Local Installationforward-restore_ergebnisContinuous Updatesrocket-launch-lines_ergebnisFast Implementation

First Steps with PDF-Mapper Starter

The free PDF-Mapper Starter offers the perfect start for anyone who wants to capture PDF documents faster. PDF data is automatically structured and converted into useful Excel spreadsheets – quite different from common PDF-to-Excel converters. This saves you time in data entry and allows you to start automating your PDF data entry processes.

Automatically Structure PDF Data in TablesAutomatically Export PDF Data to ExcelStart Cloud Application Now

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