Process Automations in Your Business

Automatically Capture Incoming PDF Documents in Sales, Accounting, Procurement, and Goods Receipt

PDF Mapper in Sales: The Indirect Sales Increase

PDF-Mapper automates sales data entry for your incoming PDF orders, PDF price agreements, and other PDF documents. Automating your document processing means you are no longer limited by your team size.

Manual data entry costs time and resources that you could be using to attract more customers and sell more products. The more PDF documents you capture automatically with PDF-Mapper, the more you can focus on increasing your sales revenue.

PDF Mapper in Accounting: The Powerhouse of Efficiency

Use PDF-Mapper to automate accounting data entry for your incoming PDF invoices, PDF payment advices and other PDF documents. Automating your document processing allows your business to grow with ease – with automated processes that can handle an ever-increasing number of documents with 100% accuracy.

Thus, your accounting becomes a powerhouse of efficiency in your company! And not only that: due to the reduced error rate in data entry, you have more reliability in your accounting processes.

PDF Mapper in Goods Receipt: The Lightning-Fast Quality Management

Automate the data capture of PDF delivery notes in goods receipt. The PDF-Mapper processes the data in seconds. This saves you time when receiving goods, allows you to compare the delivery note with the order directly in the system, and initiates your processes in production more quickly.

PDF Mapper in Procurement: The Simplified Production Planning

PDF-Mapper automates data capture in procurement for your incoming PDF order confirmations and other PDF documents. Accelerate your entire production planning with the PDF-Mapper: The automatic and precise processing of your documents saves you valuable time by immediately detecting changes made to the order.

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