About Us

We Help Companies Achieve Perfection in Their Order & Invoice Automation

Entering Data Should Be Three Things: Fast, Automatic, and 100 % Accurate.

Our mission is to create a world where manual data entry is a thing of the past. This is why we strive to offer companies the perfect process for their order & invoice data entry: A process that is lightning-fast, all-automatic and fully accurate!

We provided EDI services for years, and always thought: There has to be an easier way to get PDF orders & invoices automatically and reliably into your ERP system. Out of this idea the PDF-Mapper was born.

Digital Transformation Expertise with ExxTainer AG. At a Glance:

Headquartered in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.

ExxTainer AG powers digital integration across company borders to connect customers and suppliers. Leading companies around Europe and the World eliminate the pain of manual data entry with PDF-Mapper and our other product lines.

Our Founders:

Dr. Werner Simon
CEO & Founder

Experience & Strategy

  • Diploma in Engineering / Doctorate Dr.-Ing.
  • +40 years of experience in Consulting and Industry
  • Corporate experience with leading DAX-listed companies
  • Executive Management of Corporate Data Center with several locations
  • Innovation Management, Strategic Planning, Business/Corporate Development, IT Outsourcing, SAP Application Development, Payroll and Database Management

Dr. Thorsten Reinheimer
CTO & Founder

Expertise & Know-How

  • Diploma in Physics / Doctorate Dr.rer.nat.
  • +35 years of experience in Software Development
  • +25 years of experience in Cross-Company Process Management
  • Management of large development teams
  • Consulting Expertise: Analysis, Modelling, Design, Implementation, Operation
  • Technology Know-How: Java, XML, data management SQL, noSQL, ElasticSearch, EDI, web services, JavaScript, AngularJS

Founded on request of Industry Leading Companies:

Our Story:

ExxTainer AG was established in 2005 as a provider of digital integration solutions based on Java and XML standard technologies. We operate a GS1-certified EDI clearing center at our locations in Zurich and Munich. A range of product lines is available: BizzTainer®, SwissTainer® and PDF-Mapper®.

Our preceding company was founded in Germany in 2003 at the suggestion of companies such as Siemens Karlsruhe, ABB Mannheim, Alstom Mannheim, Areva Frankfurt, KSB Frankenthal and RWE Dortmund and Ruhrkohle/STEAG (now Evonik) Essen. In 2005 at the request of several trading companies and invoice regulators for B2B in trade, ExxTainer AG was founded in Switzerland and acquired the German technology subsidiary in 2008.

Since 2007, we have been certified by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration for digital invoice exchange with validation for VAT conformity and electronic signature. We sign receipts electronically and verify signed receipts for integrity of content and authenticity of origin.

Our Portfolio:

  • EDI and Digital Transformation (Licensing and Operation of Product Lines, Development of Solutions)
  • GS1-Clearing-Center – Interconnect – Tracking
  • ElDIV Signature with Archiving
  • Formats like SAP-Idoc, EDIFACT, XML, xCBL, ebXML, TEAPPS, openTrans, TRADACOMS, ZUGFeRD
  • Business Processes, Process Logic
  • Managed File Transfer
  • Portal Hosting
  • Content Sharing, Cross-Channel Solutions

Our Product Lines:

  • PDF-Mapper® PDF2XML
  • SwissTainer® Message-Transfer
  • BizzTainer® Message-Transfer
  • drinkXchange® DataStore
  • E2E-Portal® Document-Tracking
  • Order-App and Web-Shop (with Agencies)

Our Cooperation

  • TU Munich – Chair of Computer Science XI – Applied Computer Science / Cooperative Systems – Theoretical studies on practice-oriented questions. Technology studies. Supervision of master theses and doctoral theses on changing topics.
  • EEDIN – European EDI Network – EEDIN is a network of small and medium-sized EDI companies, which aims to facilitate the cross-border exchange of data between business partners, to expand services and to increase the competitiveness of EEDIN members on the European and global market.