How to Automatically Capture PDFs with PDF Mapping


PDF is a format that cannot be captured and processed automatically without further ado. But don’t worry: We’ll show you how to do it anyway!

PDF documents are everywhere. So it’s no wonder if you ask yourself: How can I automatically capture PDF documents and import them into my system? Such automation would save time, money and effort – and increase the speed and accuracy of your processes! We’ll show you what stands in the way of automation and how to remove these obstacles.

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ExxTainer AG Launches PDF-Mapper® Starter

As entry-level version of the PDF-Mapper® family, PDF-Mapper® Starter converts PDF data to Excel free of charge, in a smart and structured way, and is available online now.

Many companies still process their PDF documents manually and laboriously copy the data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for further processing. With PDF-Mapper® Starter, ExxTainer AG now offers a new alternative that can be used to convert PDF documents to Excel in a useful way. The PDF-Mapper® Starter is not an ordinary PDF-to-Excel converter, but an intelligent online automation tool from the PDF-Mapper® family. Using the in-house PDF mapping technology, the data is not only copied, but automatically read out and converted into meaningfully structured Excel tables.


5 Steps to 100% Automate Order and Invoice Capturing


Discover valuable tips to get the most out of your company when it comes to automatic data processing of orders and invoices.

Automating order and invoice entry is extremely important for all companies with a lot of orders and invoices. If you are a manufacturer or a distributor with hundreds or thousands of products, you have no time to waste in data entry and processing. With 100% automated data processing, you will achieve higher productivity, cut your process times in half and surprise your customers with your speed.

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