ExxTainer AG Launches PDF-Mapper® Starter

As entry-level version of the PDF-Mapper® family, PDF-Mapper® Starter converts PDF data to Excel free of charge, in a smart and structured way, and is available online now.

Many companies still process their PDF documents manually and laboriously copy the data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for further processing. With PDF-Mapper® Starter, ExxTainer AG now offers a new alternative that can be used to convert PDF documents to Excel in a useful way. The PDF-Mapper® Starter is not an ordinary PDF-to-Excel converter, but an intelligent online automation tool from the PDF-Mapper® family. Using the in-house PDF mapping technology, the data is not only copied, but automatically read out and converted into meaningfully structured Excel tables.

What is PDF-Mapper® Starter?

Living up to its name, PDF-Mapper® Starter offers the optimal introduction to automatic document processing with PDF-Mapper®. The software uses ExxTainer AG’s PDF mapping technology to read all data from PDF documents, smartly structure it in tables and export it to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be used to easily continue processing the data, e.g. to create quotes, order confirmations, invoices or production overviews.

Why PDF-Mapper® Starter?

Typing out PDF data or copy+pasting it into an Excel spreadsheet and then filtering out the relevant data – that’s no fun, it creates tedious daily work. Ordinary PDF-to-Excel converters hardly provide any advantages, as the data is only copied into an Excel file in an unstructured way. PDF-Mapper® Starter uses PDF mapping technology not only to convert PDF documents to Excel, but also to structure them directly in a useful way. Thus, for example, you get all ordered items in one table – even if they are spread over several pages in the PDF. This makes it much easier to find and process important information such as item numbers or descriptions. Since PDF-Mapper® Starter saves this useful structure for a sender’s PDF documents and can always produce the same structured output, even Excel functions can be used to continue processing the data from newly converted PDF documents immediately and automatically. This can save valuable time!

How Does PDF-Mapper® Starter Work?

Log in, upload PDF, check auto-detection, download Excel workbook. With four easy-to-use and streamlined steps, PDF orders and invoices can be converted to Excel in a useful way. If you do not want to convert the data to Excel at all, but import it directly and fully automatically into your ERP system, further functionalities and numerous advantages can be unlocked at any time with an upgrade to PDF-Mapper® Business/Enterprise.

PDF-Mapper® Starter is Available Now

PDF-Mapper® Starter is now available online and for free. Click on the box on the right to sign up!

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. We have been experts in EDI and digital integration since 2005. With PDF-Mapper® we have used this expertise to introduce the first software solution with PDF mapping technology to the market.

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