PDF-Mapper at Papyrus Schweiz AG

Papyrus Schweiz AG optimizes order intake.

As a wholesaler, Papyrus Schweiz AG has been taking a leading position in the Swiss paper and packaging market for many years. Papyrus uses its experience and commitment to develop new service concepts to offer its customers an exquisite product and service portfolio in their daily challenges at all times. Papyrus offers a warehouse assortment of over 6,000 items with over 30,000 storage locations and operates more than 600 delivery points daily.

Some of the incoming orders are processed via EDI using a standard paper industry format and the existing e-shop. However, there are still a tremendous amount of orders received via e-mail as a PDF attachment. These orders are processed using the PDF-Mapper solution from the Swiss ExxTainer AG.

“The PDF-Mapper is the perfect collection tool for e-mail orders. The speed of order processing has doubled”, explains Thomas Moll, Head of IT at Payprus Schweiz AG.

Since mid-2015, the PDF-Mapper system of the Swiss software house has been in use and is accelerating the processing of customer orders. Decisive for the choice of the PDF-Mapper solution: the fully automatic processing in the background, also for the very complex document layouts that occur in the paper industry.

Another decisive factor is the ease of use – even for employees who have been used to recording orders manually for years. The PDF-Mapper picks up the customer orders directly from the inbox, automatically detects content such as customer, delivery address, order number and items and assigns them to the customer in SAP. The responsible employee works as before in the SAP system – but saves the time-consuming and error-prone order data entry, the PDF-Mapper fills the corresponding fields in the edit screen.

“The PDF-Mapper transfers the order data to the SAP system via the existing EDI interface. As a result, it is an absolute self-advocate in terms of application support. The clerks correct any incorrect information directly in the SAP”, says Thomas Moll.

The first launch was extremely fast on the stage: It took just under a week until the solution was in use. ExxTainer employees have configured for the first order layouts. For the initial system setup you only needed a few hours. “The PDF-Mapper enables a very fast and smooth implementation”, Thomas Moll sums up. After an initial productive pilot phase, many customers have been converted to the PDF-Mapper, optimizing sales processes for faster delivery.

Paper and packaging wholesaling

Incoming orders

Document volume
120,000 orders per year

Benefits for the customer

  • Speed in order processing doubled.
  • Reliable recording of all orders.
  • Relief for the clerk.
  • Easy and fast implementation.
Thomas Moll, Head of IT at der Payprus Schweiz AG.