Completely Automize Your Data Entry. With Software Built to Your Needs.

Fully Automatic Document Processing

Instead of manually typing in orders or invoices, with PDF-Mapper data entry happens all-automatic – quite magically.

100 % Accuracy Guaranteed

Perfection does not have to be an illusion. PDF-Mapper is a tool designed to be 100% precise – for capturing every document.

Get Your Data Straight

With its Automatic Validation, PDF-Mapper alerts you if there are errors in incoming orders & invoices – before feeding the data to your system.

Accelerate Your Productivity

Businesses that use PDF-Mapper pursuit excellence in their order & invoice process – and push their productivity to the limit.

All Data Straight into the System

PDF-Mapper makes integration to every recurring customer and supplier simple – by optimizing your data entry process.

On the Safe Side

Unlike cloud solutions, PDF-Mapper is locally and securely installed at your site – your data stays in your hands.

Industry leading companies around the world pursue excellence with PDF-Mapper – and save on average 50.000€ per year for every 1.000 automized orders and invoices. Hear what they are saying about us:

“The PDF-Mapper transfers the order data to the SAP system via the existing EDI interface. This makes it an absolute winner in terms of application support”.

Thomas Moll, Director IT at Papyrus Switzerland AG

The Best Alternative in B2B Document Processing

Manual data entry is costly, tedious and error-prone. PDF-Mapper is the most cost-effective, easy and error-free solution to automize your order & invoice entry process for all of your recurring customers & suppliers.

OCR/AI Solutions

OCR and AI based solutions usually lack accuracy and require manual verification.

– Automatic Data Entry

– Usually < 95% Accuracy

– Simple Data Extraction

EDI Integration

EDI integrates data directly into your system, but is costly to implement for every customer & supplier.

– 100% Automatic Data Entry

– 100% Accuracy

– Comprehensive Data Extraction

– Costly Integration


PDF-Mapper 100% automizes your data entry process with flawless accuracy and easy integration.

– 100% Automatic Data Entry

– 100% Accuracy

– Comprehensive Data Extraction

– Cost-effective, fast & simple single-sided Integration

– Automatic Validation

It is easy to get started. Try it for free!

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