Innovative Software for Payment Advice Entry Automation

PDF Payment Advice Instantly in ERP System

Incoming Payment Advice is automatically read, analyzed and entered into your ERP system in seconds. The Payment Advice is automatically assigned to the appropriate customer and all data on the Payment Advice is automatically and 100% correctly identified. Additionally PDF-Mapper automatically validates your Payment Advice and notifies you if there is false or missing data. If the validation is positive, the data is then automatically imported into your ERP system where it can be further processed.

Immediate Data EntryAutomatic Data ProcessingAutomatic Import into ERP System
100 % AccuracyAutomatic Customer AllocationAutomatic Validation
Secure through Local Installation Continuous UpdatesFast Implementation

Automate Your Payment Receipt. Minimize Payment Errors.

By using PDF-Mapper you will find Payment Advice entered in your ERP system within seconds of their arrival – 100% accurately and without errors. As a result, you are free from manually entering data. On top of that, our data entry accuracy reduces payment errors. You free up your staff talent, reduce Accounting cost and turn your Accounting into a powerhouse of efficiency!

Free Up Your TimeIntegrate with Every Repeat CustomerSavings through Automation
Faster Payment Advice Data CaptureReduce Accounting CostTransparency over Claims
Minimize Error Rate in Data ProcessingBetter Payment AccuracyHigher Customer Satisfaction

Automatic Input and Customer Allocation

The incoming PDF Payment Advice from your customer lands in the import folder of the PDF-Mapper. The PDF-Mapper automatically recognizes which customer it is. This identification is defined by you once and can be for example a tax ID, e-mail domain or the name of your customer. This automatic assignment ensures that the Payment Advice is assigned to the correct customer in your ERP system when the data is imported.

Automatic Input via EmailAutomatic Input via Input FolderAutomatic Customer Allocation

Automatic Data Processing Built to Your Needs

The data on the PDF Payment Advice is automatically identified and processed. Define the data you need once. The PDF-Mapper intelligently finds this data on each subsequent Payment Advice. No matter how complex the Payment Advice is, no matter how many pages or invoice items, no matter what language or layout – the PDF-Mapper captures all data.

Multi-Page Payment AdviceInternational Payment Advice100 % Item Capturing
Perfectly Customizable to Your NeedsEasy-to-Use InterfaceSimple Mapping in Browser

Automatic Validation

The PDF-Mapper can automatically validate Payment Advice by checking for errors and missing data. This way you can ensure that only Payment Advice with all necessary data is transferred to your ERP system. The data can also be checked against external lists, e.g. for valid item numbers. Payment Advice that does not fulfill the validation rules can either be corrected in PDF-Mapper or in a output directory.

Automatic ValidationMinimize Errors in Payment ProcessingEasily Correct Errors

Automatic Data Export into Your ERP

The PDF-Mapper can import the captured data into any ERP system. No matter which format you need, the PDF-Mapper can provide it. To do this, the data is first converted into a neutral XML intermediate format, which is then prepared once for your ERP interface. This way, the data of your Payment Advice arrives within seconds at the correct place where you need it.

Automatic Import into ERP SystemPerfectly Customizable to Your NeedsAutomatic Customer Allocation

The Best Alternative

Whether you enter your Payment Advice manually, use OCR/AI based software or EDI integrations, PDF-Mapper is the innovative alternative. Manual data entry is time-consuming, OCR/AI based solutions are error-prone, and EDI integrations are very costly. The PDF-Mapper takes over your data entry efforts, works 100% accurately and integrates your Payment Advice cost-efficiently and without your customers having to change anything.

No More Typing of Payment AdviceNo More Editing of OCR/AI Captured Payment AdviceNo More Complex EDI Integrations

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